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Zombie Sex

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Zombies have many physical traits associated with being dead that make sexual behavior difficult, unlikely, or impossible. A recently turned zombie, (one that is not a rage zed,) would have a greater capacity for any intensive physical actions, including intercourse. After the onset of rigor mortis, this would become much more difficult. In addition, it is likely that in the rare instance where a zombie retains enough of its human characteristics to pursue sex, after a few days in temperate, warm, sub-tropical. tropical, or equatorial climates, the brain would have disintegrated to such an extent that any human instincts would be long gone. It is more plausible that a zombie would exhibit sexual behavior in cold climates, (lending credence to the documentation of Dead Snow.) Since zombies circulatory systems are not functional, it is unclear how male zombies would achieve arousal, if at all. I don't know that anything in this film could be considered "intense" or scary. So much of it is tongue in cheek or ironic in nature that it's hard to take some of the "surprises" in such a serious way that they could be considered intense.

Following the arrival of a strange corpse, a deadly STD is transmitted through a small rural community turning the afflicted into the living dead and trapping a group of friends at a secluded motel forcing them to crazed and intense means to stop the relentless beings. Dalton, Derek; Schubert, Catherine (January 2011). "When classification becomes censorship". Griffith Law Review. 20 (1): 31–66. doi: 10.1080/10383441.2011.10854690. S2CID 146579030.WAYNE W JOHNSON leads this Troop of Marvelous Young Acting Talent as "Cornelius", the Amorous Hospital Janitor, who is the first to succumb to the ravishing disease by indulging in the Charms of a Perfectly Proportioned Noxious "Female Corpse" portrayed by the Beautiful JENNIE RUSSO ! Wayne is Frightening as "Cornelius", but Brutally Terrifying when he becomes Zombified . His Facial Expressions are Priceless, even under all the make-up ! The trash "Night of Something Strange" is a brainless B-movie film so bad, nasty and gory that becomes funny. The film is a big joke of bad taste beginning with the names of the characters (Christine, Freddy, Carrie, Jason). The lead actor that performs Cornelius physically recalls the unforgettable Richard "Jaws" Kiel from the 007 franchise and does not have any line along 1h 34 min. The jokes are gross and most of them are related to sex and the scenes have lots and lots of gore. The make-up is amazing and if the viewer is fan of the Troma Entertainment B-movies, he or she will certainly like "Night of Something Strange". My vote is four. Most importantly however, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis actually manipulates the host's behavior. Frogs infected with BD are lethargic but vocalize mating calls that are longer and more attractive. The infected frog essentially becomes a zombie, losing the motivation to do anything but mate and consume, spreading the disease. As of the present, a number of amphibian species have gone extinct due to this fungal condition.

Not knowing what to expect from this one I saw it was supposed to be a funny horror. Funny horrors mostly doesn't work out but there are exceptions like this one. I don't recall whether this is rated R or Unrated, but it certainly should be the latter. The content is 100% adult and not meant for kids in any way, shape, or form. I don't think zombie movies are problematic for some kids to watch, but the sheer amount of sexual content and nudity in this film, not to mention the general plot, is for adults only. Grilli, Alessandro (2012). "Queering the dead: Gay zombies in the dark room". In Antosa, Silvia (ed.). Queer crossings: Theories, bodies, texts. Mimesis. ISBN 9788857509396.

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AL LAWLER is Brilliant as the Motel Owner "Sunny", who along with his degenerate Family, BRIE STRAITON & BRETT JANESKI, bring another Dimension into the Story ! McGlotten, Shaka (2 October 2014). "Zombie porn: Necropolitics, sex, and queer socialities". Porn Studies. 1 (4): 360–377. doi: 10.1080/23268743.2014.957492.

In the 2012 horror-comedy, a Gothic employee of a mortuary performs lascivious acts with a cadaver on the operating table, who appears to enjoy the experience. However, it is later revealed that the three morticians present at the time had accidentally smoked marijuana laced with ecstasy, suggesting that the entire sequence may have been an hallucination.

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The special effects in the movie were as to be expected from a movie of this caliber. So don't get your hopes up. You won't hear me say that this was the best movie ever, but I have to admit that I had a real ball watching this grand guignol-like gore-fest. It's crude, it's totally incorrect, it's degrading women and obese people and gays and a whole lot more, and still it's absolutely hilarious, because it's all so obviously tongue-in-cheek! It's like eating a whole box of chocolates: you know it's bad, but it feels SO great, to me watching this movie was like one big guilty-pleasure road-trip!

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